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July 16, 2019
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wanee   wanee   wanee

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From Lefty collins
Added Apr 20 2005
Hits 1143

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helen's hilton
Description: helen's hilton
tunaeffen hippies
TerriBefF tUnA...he's just really jealous
LinnieXXgreat crowd! :) i miss you guys!
tunaDamn straight Terri!
EasyMichaelLooks like fun--who are all these people?
TanDanHad a great time at Wanee with all you cool folks!
baneshLet's see.... Left to right back row: Patrick Crenshaw, LinnieXX, Mother Teresa, TanDan, Cal-Tec, Skypup; Lisa, TerriB, Ecosense, Banesh, Brenda Griffin, Erica; Front Row: Origpch, Roger, Lefty, Jeanette, Debbie, Jan :) I sure miss you guys!
skypupYou're all a great bunch.

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